Does Vastu Really Work

Vastu Shastra is an historical Indian technology that deals with realistic information of human creation. It turned into advanced thousands of years ago and turned into in all likelihood first of all meant for the practicality of a circle of relatives. However, with time, it has now taken another which means that may be aptly stated is that it may observe to every vicinity of life and a few not-so-commonplace things.

Vastu Shastra advises where and how one ought to put the matters and as a result, guides the course to living the existence one goals. It suggests the spacing of the rooms and the numerous activities that want to be carried out. In essence, this technology can be termed as a look in the human thoughts.

All matters and everyone are a result of the 7 basic ideas that have been established in Vastu Shastra. These ideas are 1. Planets (Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter) 2. Timing (four elements) three. Abode (Space) 4. Dyaus five. Asuras and six. Gurus

How does Vastu truly work?

It is stated that people are considered as having 4 elements (fireplace, earth, water, and air) of their bodies. Of those, the detail of fireplace is the maximum effective and it controls our existence. And on this universe, the planet of fire is the Sun.

From the 18th century, Vastu Shastra has evolved the concept of ‘Sun’ in a manner that it may be universally implemented to every part of the arena no matter how it is some distance away from the Sun. This become completed by using adding the detail of ‘Kamadhenu’ to the Sun. Kamadhenu is a cow’s divine weapon. So, the planet of hearth has now been renamed ‘Kamadhenu’.


The 7 fundamental principles are also the timing, which regulates everything. The humans believed that these factors manage the entirety in the world. The planet of time is the Moon and it’s far accountable for the motion of all of the planets and the levels of the Moon.

When someone leaves for the direction of his lifestyles, he wishes to take the assist of the planets to gain expertise on the way to stay this existence consistent with his targets.

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